BCB Medical Oy

BCB Medical provides tools for gathering and analysing clinical data. BCB’s unique service offering encompasses disease-specific quality registries for healthcare professionals, an intelligent integration platform and the ”Omavointi” -service, which engages patients in their own clinical care. The overall offering is complemented by the BCB 360 information service, which enables the effective utilisation of clinical data.

Buddy HealthCare

Buddy Healthcare provides a mobile care coordination and patient engagement platform that can be used from home to hospital and back home. Before the surgery care-related education and instructions presented on an interactive timeline in the BuddyCare app provide patients with instructions precisely when they need them. Patients may also fill forms in the app, and receive automatic notifications about vital preparation tasks. After the surgery BuddyCare implements the principles of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols to enhance early mobilization after surgery. Patients are instructed with physiotherapy exercises, wound care instructions and list of medications. For care personnel Buddy care provides notifications about patients’ answers needing attention, and an easy way to identify patients who may have issues with the preparation tasks. Care personnel can also monitor recovery progress after surgery through various PROMs, PREMs and QoL questionnaires. Data submitted by patients is visualized and categorized in the BuddyCare Dashboard for easy follow up.


Lenovo provides technologies to support healthcare transformation, including clinical workflow and virtual desktop infrastructure, remote reading and mobile workstations, and virtual reality and telemedicine solutions.

Near Real

Near Real provides secure and high-quality audio, video, screen sharing and chat functionalities. Connect-functionality enables fast provision of video services without any software installations.


Rehaboo! Active Exercise Games are made for gamifying Physical Therapy, making exercising Fun, Empowering and Measurable. Games Where Player’s  body is the game controller. Rehaboo! -activation games induce positive experiences in hospitals, care homes and working places.


Solteq is a Nordic IT service provider and software house. Solteq is able to offer customers robust robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the changing business challenges. Solteq has several robots in their offering that can be customised to meet customer needs, including autonomous indoor robot for logistics.

Triumf Gamification

Triumf Health offers a personalized approach to improve patient outcomes and empower ill children by delivering behavioral therapeutics through a mobile game. In Triumf mobile health game kids need to save the Triumfland city from the Disease Monster. Through this game, research-based content is delivered to educate, monitor and support patients in a personalized manner. The multi-site non-randomized clinical study showed that the game was positively perceived by pediatric patients, resulting in high usability & acceptability evaluations. Furthermore, the findings  indicated improvement in psychological well-being & quality of life.The solution currently offers comprehensive care to patients with cancer, diabetes, asthma, obesity or overweight and most importantly, it is available for kids who need to undergo surgery. The solution is currently available in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian.  Furthermore, the comprehensive data from the game is analyzed for the care team: our visual dashboard  helps with treatment monitoring, improves medical visit effectiveness & communication.